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At Batley Grammar School we are proud of the curriculum we offer in the Secondary Phase.  It is broad and balanced, yet provides differing pathways for students depending upon their individual needs.

Extensive planning and changes to procedures have been put in place to ensure the safe return to school for students and staff.  BGS’s risk assessment follows the guidance released by the DfE.

In order to meet these guidelines the school has been divided into zone areas that are only occupied by a single year group bubble on any day within the timetable cycle.  Specialist teaching space, except science labs, have been kept separate to enable the continuation of curriculum delivery.  Movement from zones to social space at break and lunch as well as those students moving to specialist provision spaces follow a one way system to avoid bubbles overlapping at any point.  Timings for the day have been altered slightly to accommodate a staggered start and end to the day.  Student and staff movement within the building is closely controlled.

There have been some changes to subject’s curriculum provision but in general it has been possible to deliver the curriculum as planned pre Covid 19.  Below are some of the changes in place with different subject and faculty areas.

In the Communications faculty increased use of Google Classrooms for some Home Learning tasks and Remote Teaching are in place.

In Maths the Year 11 scheme of work has been modified to accommodate topics that were difficult to teach remotely during lockdown. 

Within Science homework and feedback are delivered remotely through Google Classrooms, and MyGCSEscience for KS4.  When able to offer practical work in lessons, socially distanced experiments are being introduced using the Slow Practical Approach.  Greater use of animations and video experiments are also being embedded.

In the Discover faculty Google Classrooms is being used to set some homework and lessons are being ‘screencast’ so they can be followed at home if students are off ill.  This is only being done for some key lessons due to current capacity.  Some aspects of both History and Geography have been removed from the course.

Across the Creative and Performing faculty the majority of lessons have remained unchanged from the planned curriculum with only a small number of lessons being removed to a zoned area. Students are being taught, in the majority of occasions, in a specialised teaching area for Music, Drama and Art.

Due to the current situation in school, indoor space for PE is limited and therefore almost all lessons will take place outside. It is really important that students are prepared for all weather conditions. The curriculum for PE is in line with National Governing Body recommendations and much of the curriculum remains unchanged.

With Computing lessons we have been able to offer ICT facilities for the majority of lessons, however for the few cases when computers are unavailable adaptations have been made to the SoW.  For Year 11 Computer Science students the coursework module has been removed from the syllabus. 

Unfortunately we are unable to offer practical work in Food Nutrition and Preparation lessons, apart from year 7 who have enhanced precautions in place. 

All subjects are posting work on Google Classrooms for those students learning from home.

For further details on the curriculum we offer please refer to the Curriculum Policy (found in the Policies section of our website), for further information on individual subjects please click on the faculty links below.

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 (Years 7 to 9), students study English, Mathematics, Science, the Humanities subjects of Geography, History and Religious Studies (delivered as Integrated Studies in Year 7). 

All students will study French and Spanish; as well as Art, Music, Drama, Food Nutrition and Preparation, Computer Technologies and PSCHE (including Careers and Character Education).  All students will also receive at least 2 hours of Games each week to support their physical development.

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11), students follow a core curriculum and a number of subjects appropriately tailored to individual needs and intended Post 16 study called KS4 Curriculum Pathways. 

The core curriculum consists of English, Mathematics, Science (Dual Award), Religious Studies and PSCHE. 

The KS4 Curriculum Pathways subjects that are available to students are; Geography, History, Religious Studies, French, Spanish, Separate Sciences, Art, Music, Drama, Food Nutrition and Preparation, Health and Social Care, Sport and Fitness, Computer Technologies, Computer Science, Business Studies and ASDAN Short Courses. 

The majority of these subjects are offered as a GCSE course, the remainder are delivered as vocational courses where there is the option of study at either Level 1 or 2.

For more information regarding the curriculum, please contact Mr A Smeaton - Assistant Head (Curriculum and Co-curricular)